About Me


In May 2010 Amanda Maloney graduated Plymouth State University with her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Graphic Design. Since graduating Plymouth State University, she has held numerous communication positions focusing on customer service within human resources, financial aid, 401k administration and sales. While she has developed a deep passion to help customers in several customer service positions her  future ambitions are to further develop her communication and marketing abilities to one day become a successful Social Media Specialist. Throughout the next five years her personal mission is to become a strong leader in the Communications field, learn more about media literacy, and use her personal strengths and connections to start her career in Marketing. The following blog is for her class COM-510 Knowledge and New Media.


This is a personal blog, following in the established tradition of a newsletter on knowledge and new media. My final project reflects on the recent New Hampshire Heroin Epidemic. In order to be a credible blogger I have included my sources in each of my posts.

I’m a citizen of Manchester, NH. In that regard I may be somewhat biased towards believing there needs to be more resources available to those suffering from heroin addiction. I strive to be accurate, fair and transparent, especially in my final project entitled New Hampshire Heroin Epidemic by including both sides on this issue.

Comments are encouraged. I attempt to apply the standards of accuracy, fairness and transparency to them as well.

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