6-2 Blog: Using Social Media Tools

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The first tool that I decided to try for social media tools is Twitter. In my personal and professional life I am connected to Facebook and LinkedIn but I have never used Twitter as a social media tool to connect with an audience. What I found interesting is the minute I logged into the Twitter website it suggested 40 contacts for me to add based on putting in my phone number and email address. The website recognized my friends simply through my phone number and email address. The walk through process of setting up my personal Twitter page was fairly straightforward. It starts with customizing your profile with your picture and adding people as suggestions based off of your personal email address. When I logged into my Twitter I was able to see personal Tweets and advertisements for a Premium business card company.

Twitter Post
Twitter Post

While I personally did not like Twitter from a personal standpoint as I found it very similar to posting status updates on Facebook, I could see this as a benefit to businesses looking to get their product out their to potential consumers. According to the New Media tools resources of the Aids.gov website:

Who is using Twitter?

  • 8% of U.S. Internet users use Twitter on a typical day;
  • 20.6 million U.S. adults access Twitter at least once a month;
  • 24% of Twitter users check tweets several times a day; and
  • 177 million tweets are sent every day.

(Twitter, 2015).

With the Twitter website producing more than 177 million Tweets daily this could be beneficial for any business looking to get their name out there.



The second social media tool that I decided to try for social media tools is Instagram. As mentioned previously in this blog I do use LinkedIn and Facebook on a regular basis but do not use Instagram because I heard it is very similar to the way Facebook allows you to post pictures and comment on them. When logging into Instagram I was able to post a picture of myself after my gym session and one of my friends “liked” the picture instantaneously. This is very similar to Facebook. Although I think Instagram is great for staying in touch with friends and family I also wanted to see how the application was used by a larger corporate organization. I decided to focus my attention on Disney since Disney is one of my favorite places to visit for a family vacation.

Disney Instagram
Disney Instagram

Upon viewing the Disney Instagram page it was interesting to see that they posted pictures from around the park for potential vacationers to see as well as characters from their upcoming movies. This could be helpful to get people to visit Disney Parks. According to the article Picture Perfect, Holtz (2012) states,

“As for infographics and infoposters, people will soon grow weary of ceaselessly scrolling through towers of text and data. If you take the infoposter approach, try to keep it short and simple…Whatever you do, make sure you establish a visual identity so that people begin to associate the look and feel with graphics of your organization” (Hotlz, 2012).

While I will use Instagram for social purposes in the future I do think that Instagram has a benefit to branding because people are so attracted to images and visual identities. This could be a pay off for a new organization looking to brand their products and get their name out to their audience.

Vine logo


The third social media tool that I decided to try is Vine. Vine allows you to create beautiful short looping videos to share with your friends. Upon visiting the website of Vine, I was presented with various social event videos such as videos of fireworks, a man in a gorilla mask (yes, seriously) and a DJ playing music. I then clicked on the login button on the page and was directed to login with either my apple login, android credentials or through Windows. I did find this to be a problem for this application because it does not allow you to log in without doing so through these different login methods.

Vine 1

Upon logging into the application on my Apple Iphone I found the website to be aimed towards viewing short videos on comedy, art, family and news along with various other social categories. I did not find any channels aimed towards business.

IMG_0091In my opinion this is very much a social site and would be effective if you are trying to get out a message to your friends and family. According to the New Media tools resources of the Aids.gov website:

Who is using video sharing sites?

  • Over 4 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube per month; and
  • Seventy-two hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • Persons of color view an average of 6-10 hours of online video a month.

(Video Sharing Sites, 2015).

Based on these statistics it may be helpful for fundraising campaigns to use Vine to reach out to younger audiences. This could help them with earning valuable dollars for their organization.

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